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・ EBN and Nutritional Epidemiology [Japanese]
Author : Sasaki Satoshi
Published: Nov/2005
Price : 2,500yen +tax

Is the information that we obtain on a daily basis about nutrition and health correct and reliable? In order to answer this question, it is essential to understand Evidence-Based Nutrition (EBN) and nutritional epidemiology. This book describes the desirable attitudes towards Health-related issues and sites specific cases for those interested in studying, researching and practicing human nutrition. This book also refers to how Dietary Reference Intakes can be put into practical use.

・ Introduction to EBN: To understand Lifestyle-related Diseases. [Japanese]
Editors:Sasaki Satoshi, Todoriki Hidemi
Author:Ishikawa Hideki, Kaneko Shun, Tsubono Yoshitaka, Nagata Chisato, Marui Eiji, Mizushima Shunsaku, and Yoshiike Nobuo.
Publisher:Daiichi Shuppan
Price:2,200yen +tax

This book discusses the importance of Evidence-based nutrition from an epidemiological perspective in order to highlight lifestyle-related diseases. This book should be used by professionals as an accurate guide on food and health. The book also describes the link between dietary composition/nutrition and diseases, as well as the methods for using EBN in practical settings.

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